Nate's Race

Nathan's Story


Nathan Ross Hergenhahn was born in Houston, Texas on July 24th, 1990.  As a child he was gentle-hearted and shy, but still confident.  His love of sports became apparent when he was only three years old, when at his older brother's soccer game, he had to be held back from running on the field to play.  The team made Nathan the mascot, and from that moment on, he never stopped wanting to be out on the field, playing sports.

In 3rd grade, Nathan played on his very first basketball team, and basketball stayed his first love.  From there, he soon added other sports, with football coming in a close second. 

In 2001, Nathan moved from Texas to Hudson, New Hampshire.  Nate got involved with sports right away, playing AAU basketball, and Pop Warner football with his older brother Jay. 

Nathan continued to do well is school and had a number of good friends.  Nate's dad, Ross, had the pleasure of coaching him at different stages in his development, ages 10-14, and remarks that he has never seen another boy that loved competing more than Nathan.  Nate was excited before any competition, was completely focused during a game, and he reveled in recounting the game afterwards. 

Freshman year at Alvirne High School was a whole new experience for Nathan.  The freshman basketball team was undefeated, Nate was playing well, and it was clear that the team was strong from the boys maturing and playing true team basketball.  The season ended with a heartbreaking loss in the playoffs when one of Nate's best friends missed a layup to end the game in a one point loss.  Nathan comforted his friend, giving him a big bear hug, trying to make him laugh on the bus ride home, and reminding him that it was only a game.  Nathan loved to win, but he loved his friends more.  Nate also played varsity football at AHS.  Under the guidance of Coach Nibs, Nathan learned that football was another sport at which he could excel, and he would do just that. 

Nathan's success continued into his Sophomore year.  The same group of boys dominated in basketball, and although the football team did poorly with win/losses, Nate had become a powerful, productive running back.  The annual Thanksgiving game that year showed that the next year, this team would be a force to be reckoned with.

The summer between Nate's Sophomore and Junior year, he had become a man.  He was strong and confident and fast and graceful.  Nathan had worked harder than ever, and you knew when you were near him that you were in the presence of a young man that was driven.  You could not help respecting him as a man.

What Nathan would have become will never be known.  Nathan was killed in a car accident 6 days after his 16th birthday.